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Fast 2-Step Regularization on Style Optimization for Real Face Morphing

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posted on 2022-07-19, 03:19 authored by Cheng YuCheng Yu, Wenmin WangWenmin Wang, Honglei LiHonglei Li, Roberto BugiolacchiRoberto Bugiolacchi

StyleGAN is now capable of achieving excellent results, especially high-quality face synthesis. Recently, some studies have tried to invert real face images into style latent space via StyleGAN. However, morphing real faces via latent representation is still in its infancy. Training costs are high and/or require huge samples with labels. By adding regularization to style optimization, we propose a novel method to morph real faces based on StyleGAN. To do the supervised task, we label latent vectors via synthesized faces and release the label set; then we utilise logistic regression to fast discover interpretable directions in latent space. Appropriate regularization helps us to optimize both latent vectors (faces and directions). Moreover, we use learned directions under different layer representations to handle real face morphing. Compared to the existing methods, our method faster yields a larger diverse and realistic output. Code and cases are available at \url{}.


Science and Technology Development Fund (FDCT) of Macau (0016/2019/A1)


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