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ABAEKS: Attribute-Based Authenticated Encryption with Keyword Search over Outsourced Encrypted Data

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posted on 2023-04-25, 17:36 authored by Fucai LuoFucai Luo, Haiyan WangHaiyan Wang, Xingfu Yan

The widespread adoption of cloud computing and the exponential growth of data highlight the need for secure data sharing and querying. Attribute-based keyword search (ABKS) has emerged as an efficient means of searching encrypted data stored in the cloud. However, existing ABKS schemes are vulnerable to quantum computer attacks, (insider) keyword guessing attacks (KGA), or incur high end-to-end delay. To address these vulnerabilities, this paper introduces a new concept called attribute-based authenticated encryption with keyword search (ABAEKS) and proposes an efficient ABAEKS scheme. Our ABAEKS has low end-to-end delay, and is resistant to both quantum computer attacks and (insider) KGA. In addition, we formalize the security model of ABAEKS system and prove its security in the random oracle model. Finally, we conduct a comprehensive performance evaluation of ABAEKS, and the experimental results show that our ABAEKS is computationally efficient and outperforms current state-of-the-art ABKS schemes. 


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