AC Losses Analysis in stack of 2G HTS tapes in a coil

The model coil with the racetrack geometry based on second generation (2G) High Temperature Superconducting (HTS) tapes has been developed for an electrical machine where a winding pack is a stack of 2G HTS tapes. It is important to evaluate transport current AC losses and possible methods to reduce them in a winding. In a device made of 2G HTS tapes, the main the AC losses are the hysteresis ones. Only numerical simulation permits to predict them in full. The FEM model for calculation of the hysteresis losses developed before for 2G HTS power cables was modified for a stack of the 2G HTS tapes in a coil. In this paper the methods to increase a computational speed are presented. Possible ways to reduce AC losses are discussed also. The details of the model and comparisons of calculations with measurements of the AC loss are presented.