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A 3.5-THz, x6-Harmonic, Single-Ended Schottky Diode Mixer for Frequency Stabilization of Quantum-Cascade Lasers

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posted on 2021-09-29, 21:30 authored by Divya JayasankarDivya Jayasankar, Vladimir Drakinskiy, nick rothbart, Heiko Richter, Xiang Lü, Lutz Schrottke, Holger T. Grahn, Martin Wienold, Heinz-Wilhelm Hübers, Peter Sobis, Jan StakeJan Stake
Efficient and compact frequency converters are essential for frequency stabilization of terahertz sources. In this paper, we present a 3.5-THz, x6-harmonic, integrated Schottky diode mixer operating at room temperature. The designed frequency converter is based on a single-ended, planar Schottky diode with a sub-micron anode contact area defined on a suspended 2-um ultra-thin GaAs substrate. The dc-grounded anode pad was combined with the radio frequency E-plane probe, which resulted in an electrically compact circuit. At 200 MHz intermediate frequency, a mixer conversion loss of about 59 dB is measured resulting in a 40 dB signal-to-noise ratio in a phase-locking application. Using a quasi-static diode model combined with electromagnetic simulations, good agreement with the measured results was obtained. Harmonic frequency converters without the need of cryogenic cooling will help in the realization of highly sensitive space and air-borne heterodyne receivers.


European Space Agency No. 4000125911/18/NL/AF "Frequency stabilisation of a Quantum Cascade Laser for Supra-THz applications"

Swedish National Space Board under the contract No. 170/17 "THz Schottky diode mixers for high-resolution FIR spectroscopy"

Ericsson research foundation travel grant


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