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A Comparative Study on Single-handed Keyboards on Large-screen Mobile Devices

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posted on 2021-07-07, 02:53 authored by kunpeng zhang, Zhigang DengZhigang Deng
Many questions regarding single-hand text entry on modern smartphones (in particular, large-screen smartphones) remain under-explored, such as, (i) will the existing prevailing single-handed keyboards fit for large-screen smartphone users? and (ii) will individual-customization improve single-handed keyboard performance? In this paper we study single-handed typing behaviors on several representative keyboards on large-screen mobile devices. We found that, (i) the user-adaptive-shape curved keyboard performs best among all the studied keyboards; (ii) users' familiarity with the Qwerty layout plays a significant role at the beginning, but after several sessions of training, the user-adaptive curved keyboard can have the best learning curve and performs best; (iii) generally the statistical decoding algorithms via spatial and language models can well handle the input noise from single-handed typing.


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