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A Containerized Approach for Allocating Distributed Stream Queries to Fog Nodes

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posted on 2021-03-05, 14:14 authored by Hamed HasibiHamed Hasibi, Saeed Sedighian Kashi
Fog computing brings cloud capabilities closer to the Internet of Things (IoT) devices. IoT devices generate a tremendous amount of stream data towards the cloud via hierarchical fog nodes. To process data streams, many Stream Processing Engines (SPEs) have been developed. Without the fog layer, the stream query processing executes on the cloud, which forwards much traffic toward the cloud. When a hierarchical fog layer is available, a complex query can be divided into simple queries to run on fog nodes by using distributed stream processing. In this paper, we propose an approach to assign stream queries to fog nodes using container technology. We name this approach Stream Queries Placement in Fog (SQPF). Our goal is to minimize end-to-end delay to achieve a better quality of service. At first, in the emulation step, we make docker container instances from SPEs and evaluate their processing delay and throughput under different resource configurations and queries with varying input rates. Then in the placement step, we assign queries among fog nodes by using a genetic algorithm. The practical approach used in SQPF achieves a near-the-best assignment based on the lowest application deadline in real scenarios, and evaluation results are evidence of this goal.


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