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A Contemporary and Comprehensive Survey on Streaming Tensor Decomposition

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posted on 2022-12-24, 04:51 authored by Le Trung ThanhLe Trung Thanh, karim abed-meraim, Nguyen Linh-Trung, adel hafiane

Tensor decomposition has been demonstrated to be successful in a wide range of applications, from neuroscience and wireless communications to social networks. In an online setting, factorizing tensors derived from multidimensional data streams is however non-trivial due to several inherent problems of real-time stream processing. In recent years, many research efforts have been dedicated to developing online techniques for decomposing such tensors, resulting in significant advances in streaming tensor decomposition or tensor tracking. This topic is emerging and enriches the literature on tensor decomposition, particularly from the data stream analystics perspective. Thus, it is imperative to carry out an overview of tensor tracking to help researchers and practitioners understand its development and achievements, summarise the current trends and advances, and identify challenging problems. In this article, we provide a contemporary and comprehensive survey on different types of tensor tracking techniques. We particularly categorize the state-of-the-art methods into three main groups: streaming CP decompositions, streaming Tucker decompositions, and streaming decompositions under other tensor formats (i.e., tensor-train, t-SVD, and BTD). In each group, we further divide the existing algorithms into sub-categories based on their main optimization framework and model architectures. Finally, we present several research challenges, open problems, and potential directions of tensor tracking in the future.


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