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A Definitive Technology Stack for Development of Smart Contracts for Energy Applications

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posted on 2022-11-30, 05:19 authored by Komal KhanKomal Khan, Toqeer Ahmed, Umit Cali, Pablo ArboleyaPablo Arboleya, Sergii Grybniak, Islam El-Sayed

In recent years, there has been a growing trend in research on smart contract applications. Smart contracts potential in the energy landscape is visible in their major applications such as peer-to-peer energy trading, electric vehicle charging, energy market management, and many more. Many studies have been conducted that produced a lot of literature in this area and many startups and companies have surfaced that exhibit large scope of its application in the energy sector. However, in comparison to other domains, there is still more development required. The literature available focuses on the different technical aspects and use cases, but there's no such scientific article providing gathered details of the smart contracts development process that invites the attention of researchers in the energy domain for development or provides basic knowledge of available tools. It is therefore necessary to contribute with academic articles that summarize this information, thus opening up paths of development in this field and strengthening the community. This paper is the first step towards the implementation of this idea and that is intended to be extended in the future. 


Principality of Asturias - (FICYT) under grant BP19-069 "Severo Ochoa" Program of Pre-Doctoral Grants


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