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A Dense Magnetic Coil Array with Multi-locus and Multi-site Patterning

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posted on 2021-11-12, 19:53 authored by Matthew SmithMatthew Smith, Daniel Sievenpiper

· We propose multi-loci and multi-site current patterning (sequential or simultaneous) for precise, rapid and repeatable steering for improved neuronal targeting.

· Here we demonstrate these improvements by using a unique pixel cell for excitation synthesis as enabled by a three-layer dense magnetic coil array that is mapped to a hexagonal grid with cubic coordinates.

· We validate the theory with supporting simulations, experimental results and a scalable electronics design that can address a relevant range of larger coil diameters, higher power levels and topologies.

· Precise, rapid and repeatable patterns potentially offer new modalities for noninvasive neuromodulation (suprathreshold and subthreshold) and adjacent biomagnetic applications such as tumor cell membrane disruption [1], and magnetic drug delivery [2].


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