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A Dynamic Flow 3-D Solar Energy Cell and Process

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posted on 25.02.2021, 21:10 by James Bushong
This paper proposed a 4-dimensional approach to solar photovoltaic energy, featuring a 3-D porous metal cell with a continuous flow of photovoltaic fluids (e.g. Colloidal Quantum Dots or perovskites) traversing throughout. Rationale and proposed governing equations indicate that significantly more power per unit 2-D panel area could be achieved, offering a method of de facto overcoming power limitations such as Shockley-Queisser and recombination in conventional 2-D passive solar panels. The main goal is to initiate thought and collaboration with experts in electrical engineering, physics, colloidal quantum dots, perovskites, capacitors/batteries, and any other related field that could help this approach become a commercial reality. Potential applications include those where maximum solar power is desired yet space is limited- such as an on-board solar panel for electric vehicles.


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