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A High-Performance Transfer Learning-Based Model for Microwave Structure Behavior Prediction

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posted on 2023-07-20, 20:23 authored by Jiteng MaJiteng Ma, Shuping DangShuping Dang, Gavin Watkins, Kevin Morris, Mark Beach

Microwave structure behavior prediction enables the estimation of circuit response over a frequency range, playing a crucial role in the design of radio frequency (RF) structures. Deep neural network (DNN) approaches have demonstrated their capability to simulate microwave structure behaviors. Nonetheless, the quality and utility of the model are constrained by the availability of data and computational capabilities. These inherent disadvantages hinder the extensive application of DNN in microwave structure behavior prediction. Transfer learning has recently been produced as a method offering improved accuracy and speed for predicting microwave circuit behavior. This paper proposes a novel transfer learning-based model to expedite the prediction process for a sequence of frequency samples. Through experimental validation, it is illustrated that the proposed methodology outperforms the conventional DNN techniques for microwave structure behavior prediction by effectively reducing the required data and shortening the training time. The proposed model also facilitates the fine-tuning of hyperparameters and reduces the simulator computing load.




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