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A Low-Cost Multicopter Based Near-Field Antenna Measurement System Employing Software Defined Radio and 6-D Laser Metrology

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posted on 2022-06-28, 13:10 authored by Raimund A. M. Mauermayer, Jonas KornprobstJonas Kornprobst, Torsten Fritzel

A near-field antenna measurement system is presented that consists of components that are rather unusual compared to conventional antenna measurement setups. Instead of a vector network analyzer (VNA), a dual-channel wideband software defined radio (SDR) is used to measure the signals at the ports of a dual-polarized probe antenna. Instead of an exact multi-axis positioner for the antenna under test (AUT) or the probe antenna, a multicopter moves the probe along a predefined trajectory on a surface around the AUT. Instead of using expensive laser interferometry equipment, the position and orientation of the probe antenna are determined by a 6-D tracking system that was originally developed for virtual reality (VR) applications. Still, the first measurement results show the usability of the low-cost system for antenna measurements in the frequency range of mobile communication services.


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