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A Method for Electrical Property Tomography Based on a Three-Dimensional Integral Representation of the Electric Field

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posted on 2021-08-13, 19:29 authored by Naohiro EdaNaohiro Eda, Motofumi Fushimi,, Keisuke Hasegawa, Takaaki Nara
Magnetic resonance electrical properties tomography (MREPT) noninvasively reconstructs high-resolution electrical property (EP) maps using MRI scanners and is useful for diagnosing cancerous tissues. However, conventional MREPT methods have limitations: sensitivity to noise in the numerical Laplacian operation, difficulty in reconstructing three-dimensional (3D) EPs and no guarantee of convergence in the iterative process. We propose a novel, iterative 3D reconstruction MREPT method without a numerical Laplacian operation. We derive an integral representation of the electric field using its Helmholtz decomposition with Maxwell’s equations, under the assumption that the EPs are known on the boundary of the region of interest with the approximation that the unmeasurable magnetic field components are zero. Then, we solve the simultaneous equations composed of the integral representation and Ampere’s law using a convex projection algorithm whose convergence is theoretically guaranteed. The efficacy of the proposed method was validated through numerical simulations and a phantom experiment. The results showed that this method is effective in reconstructing 3D EPs and is robust to noise. It was also shown that our proposed method with the unmeasurable component H− enhances the accuracy of the EPs in a background and that with all the components of the magnetic field reduces the artifacts at the center of the slices except when all the components of the electric field are close to zero.


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