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A Multi Polarization Square Patch Antenna with a Reconfigurable Feeding Network

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posted on 2021-06-26, 02:29 authored by Roozbeh RezaeipourRoozbeh Rezaeipour

Rotation of polarization is the one of problem in communication with linear polarization. In fact, it can reduce the received signal strength down to -20 dB in some cases. Circular polarization is one the accessible approaches for sorting this problem due to it can be immune against polarization rotation. In this paper, proposed antenna can perform in linear and circular polarization which can be switched according to the condition of signal which is being transmitted. Consequently, environmental disruptions could not decline the quality of communication. 1) The proposed antenna is categorized in reconfigurable antennas which have different methods for implementation. First of all, the proposed antenna is a multi-polarization reconfigurable antenna that can radiate circular polarization and linear polarization on the same structure at a specific frequency. Moreover, a simple feeding network for this antenna is implemented. This antenna utilizes common power dividers for feeding the square patch. Finally, switching circuits which are used for changing polarization in this antenna are by far simple than that of existing works.


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