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A Non-Reciprocal Receive Array with Large Beamwidth and Gain

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posted on 2022-07-05, 20:36 authored by Jonas KornprobstJonas Kornprobst, Thomas J. Mittermaier, Thomas F. Eibert

A non-reciprocal self-mixing receive antenna array is presented. First, the principle of the self-mixing concept is explained and it is found that self-mixing receivers achieve a large gain over a wide angular range, which is in contrast to reciprocity. In the second part, the design of a 4×2 antenna array operating from 34 GHz to 39 GHz including the receive amplifier and mixer is introduced. Measurements in an anechoic chamber verify the simulation results, showing promising results for future applications of self-mixing arrays with a wide angular receiving range.


DFG Grant EI 352/17-1


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