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Interference-Managed Local Service Insertion for 5G Broadcast

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posted on 2023-03-17, 14:50 authored by Abhay Mohan M VAbhay Mohan M V, Giridhar K

Broadcast of localized TV content enables tailored content delivery catering to the requirements of regional user base. 5G multicast-broadcast service (MBS) requires a spectrally efficient broadcast solution that enables the change of content from one local service area (LSA) to another. A frequency reuse factor of unity between two adjacent LSAs causes their boundary region to become saturated with co-channel interference (CCI). Increasing the reuse factor will reduce the CCI at the cost of degrading the spectral efficiency. This letter addresses the frequency and transmit power planning which manages the CCI at the LSA boundary to achieve a satisfactory trade-off between spectral efficiency and broadcast coverage.


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