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A Probabilistic Framework for Controlling Quantum Systems

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posted on 2022-07-05, 19:26 authored by Randa HerzallahRanda Herzallah, Abdessamad Belfakir

A new control method that considers all sources of uncertainty and noises that might affect the time evolutions of quantum physical systems is introduced. Under the proposed approach, the dynamics of quantum systems are characterised by probability density functions (pdfs), thus providing a complete description of their time evolution. Using this probabilistic description, the proposed method suggests the minimisation of the distance between the actual pdf that describes the joint distribution of the time evolution of the quantum system and the external electric field, and the desired pdf that describes the system target outcome. We start by providing the control solution for quantum systems that are characterised by arbitrary pdfs. The obtained solution is then applied to quantum physical  systems characterised by Gaussian pdfs and the form of the optimised controller is elaborated. Finally, the proposed approach is demonstrated on a real molecular system and two spin systems showing the effectiveness and simplicity of the method.


Quantum Zealous Fully Probabilistic Framework for Anticipating and Controlling Quantum Systems, (QuaCoq)

Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council

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