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A Reduced Electrically-Equivalent Model of the IEEE European Low Voltage Test Feeder

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posted on 2021-10-14, 06:47 authored by Maman Ahmad KhanMaman Ahmad Khan, Barry Hayes
This letter presents a reduced, electrically equivalent model of the IEEE European Low Voltage Test Feeder for use in distribution network studies. The original test feeder is made up of 906 buses, of which only 55 have loads connected. This work proposes an equivalent 116 bus network which accurately represents all of the characteristics of the original test feeder, but significantly reduces the computational effort required when applied in a range of distribution system applications. The model reduction technique applied is explained in detail, and the performance of the modified network is tested under a wide range of network loading conditions. The analysis in this letter demonstrates that the modified 116 bus network produces identical results with 80% less computation time when compared to the original 906 bus network. The full data set for the modified network is provided on IEEE Dataport. Available:


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