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A Reliable Communication Framework and Its Use in Internet of Things (IoT)

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posted on 2020-08-17, 15:08 authored by Tanweer AlamTanweer Alam

Peoples are naturally communicators but devices are not. In the Internet of Things (IoT) architecture, the smart devices (SDs), sensors, programs and association of smart objects are connected together to transfer information among them. The SD is designed as physical device linked with computing resources that are capable to connect and communicate with another SD through any medium and protocol. The communication among intelligent physical things is a challenging task to exchange information that guaranteed to reach to the destination completely in a real time with the same order as sending without corruption. The reliable communication between physical things can be built in the transmission control protocol (TCP) layers. In TCP layer, the reliable communication is required the error detection, correction and confirmation to exchange information among smart devices. In this paper, the author represents a framework to deal with reliability issues to enable the adoption of IoT devices. The results found the improvement in reliability.


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