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A Review Report on Software Quality Measurement and Estimation

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posted on 2023-02-15, 15:43 authored by Faizan BerlasFaizan Berlas

Software quality definition encompasses six key factors. These are low levels of defects, high reliability, efficient structure that minimizes insertion of new defects during defect repairs, effective customer support, high user satisfaction, and a high defect repair rate, especially for high-severity defects. Several methods have been proposed for measuring software quality. These include fuzzy logic based frameworks, neuro fuzzy models, unsupervised learning methods, queuing models, and software quality metrics. This research paper reviews different frameworks, models, metrics, and evaluation techniques that have been published in various research papers for estimating and assessing software quality.


Research publications related to software quality measurement, estimation, and assessment were collected for the literature review. These publications were accessed from online research databases that consist of open access (OA) journals. 


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