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A Review on Secure Cloud Resource Management

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posted on 2023-03-21, 22:57 authored by Sakshi Chhabra, Deepika Saxena, Smruti RekhaSmruti Rekha

Security is always a prime concern of every cloud user. Many pioneer surveys have been done concerning security during data communication among owners, users, and stakeholders. However, there is a lack of literature surveys that address the concern of security during data processing or the workload execution within cloud data centers. In this context, we present a concise review of the existing methods that have addressed the security of workload or user data during load scheduling and execution within cloud environments. These methods have applied load-balancing strategies that helped to minimize the security attacks via co-residency or covert channels. The pandect comparative summary of these methods follows the corresponding review. The paper is concluded with limitations and future direction concerning secure load management.


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