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A Simulink-based Channel Emulator for Underwater Acoustic Communications

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posted on 2021-05-08, 13:18 authored by Indrakshi DeyIndrakshi Dey
The primary contribution of this paper is to develop a realistic yet mathematically tractable channel emulator for underwater acoustic communications (UWAC) channels. Our proposed emulator is based on the Wide-Sense Stationary Uncorrelated Scattering (WSSUS) assumption, where the channel samples are generated using finite sum-of-sinusoids (SOS) with uniformly distributed phases. The MATLAB-based Simulink platform and its associated block-set elements are used to generate numerical plots for amplitude distribution, Doppler frequency and channel impulse response. This Simulink-based design offers an added advantage over prevalent UWAC channel simulators, as it can be directly adapted to FPGA platform for hardware implementation.


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