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A Single-shot Field Measurement Procedure for Radiated Emissions using Equivalent Surface Dipoles

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posted on 09.08.2021, 11:40 by pankaj binda, Rajendra MitharwalRajendra Mitharwal, Ghanshyam Singh
The new generation of communication devices operating in higher frequency bands is constantly pushing the complexity of field measurements for electromagnetic compliance and the design of field probes. These compliance are to be met for both electric and magnetic fields which demands repeating the same measurement procedure using different probes. The main objective of this paper is to provide a procedure which provides both fields in a single shot measurement using a single probe based on source reconstruction algorithm. The algorithm is based on a novel way of placing single dipole per point tangentially to a fictitious surface based on surface equivalence theorem instead of three orthogonal dipoles per point in earlier works. The control of overall accuracy by varying dipole and measurement point density is also demonstrated. We also prove the existence, uniqueness and the error bounds involved in the inverse problem rigorously. The numerical results corroborates the effectiveness of the proposed procedure in obtaining accurate fields and also locating the regions of the Device Under Test responsible for overshooting the interference limits.


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