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A Superior Iterative Transmitted-Reference Pulse Cluster Ultra-Wideband System for Ranging and Communication

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posted on 2022-03-16, 03:23 authored by Hassan KhaniHassan Khani
Ultra-wideband (UWB) signals penetrate obstacles, achieve centimeter-level ranging accuracy, and provide low-SNR communication. These features make UWB technology a good candidate for applications demanding accurate ranging and low-power communication. Iterative transmitted-reference pulse cluster (ITRPC) UWB system increases the data rate, the power efficiency, and the accuracy of the time-of-arrival (ToA) estimation compared to the conventional
transmitted-reference pulse cluster system. Among the ranging techniques, ToA or its simpler version time-difference-of-arrival scheme can perfectly exploit the ultra-wide bandwidth of UWB signals to attain centimeter-level ranging accuracy. Hence, this paper considers ToA estimation for ranging. This paper proposes a novel ITRPC system that significantly outperforms the existing one. Simulation results show that the proposed analog ITRPC receiver improves the ToA estimation by about 6 dB and enhances the symbol detection by about 1:5 dB. Moreover,
an accurate analysis is developed to calculate the bit-error probability of the proposed ITRPC receiver in the presence of noise and monobit quantization. To the best of our knowledge, accurate analysis of a data-aided pilot recovery system has not yet been reported in the literature. The
paper also covers some points for implementing and theoretical analysis of the proposed system.


Quchan University of Technology under grant No. 95/5012.


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