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A Survey on Development of Artificial Intelligence based Aircraft periodic inspection Gantt & Stagger Charts

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posted on 2023-02-23, 16:43 authored by Hafiz Muhammad Osama AzizHafiz Muhammad Osama Aziz

Data digitalization is need of every organization. Manual record keeping requires more time and human resources. In our log-on based application, maintenance and flying record of an aircraft would be updated regularly. This database will provide flying analysis on rule-based artificial intelligence (AI) for efficient utilization of aircrafts. Aircraft database would be customized with the help of different programming languages like Python, Java, and HTML etc. This paper elaborates aircraft periodic inspection and flying analysis techniques like Gantt chart and stagger chart. we further present a comparative analysis of different project management techniques and potential for future work in this field.

Index Terms—Project Management Techniques, Gantt Chart, Aircraft periodic inspection, Stagger, Aircraft customized Database


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