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A Tensor-based Localization Framework Exploiting Phase Interferometry Measurements

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posted on 2020-04-08, 18:10 authored by Farzam HejaziFarzam Hejazi, Mohsen JoneidiMohsen Joneidi, Nazanin Rahnavard
In this paper, a framework for localization of multiple co-channel transmitters using phase difference measurements between two antennas mounted on sensors of a sensor network is proposed. To pursue localization, we equip each sensor with two antennas and we use temporal cross-correlations between the received signals of the {two} antennas to extract the phase differences between each antenna pairs, named as phase interferometry measurements (PIMs), provoked by each {transmitters} using tensor decomposition. We calculate Cramer-Rao lower bound of error of localization using PIMs. Our simulation results show that highly accurate estimations can be achieved using PIMs. We also compare the accuracy of our proposed technique with a sensor network that exploits highly directional linear array antennas and show that {our} proposed technique can perform similar to a network that employs very large antenna arrays.


National Science Foundation under Grant No. CCF-1718195


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