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A True Full-Duplex IO (TFD-IO) with Background SI cancellation for High-Density Interfaces

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posted on 2021-08-27, 06:32 authored by Sandeep GoyalSandeep Goyal, Shalabh Gupta, Ganpat Anant Parulekar
In this work, we have proposed and experimentally demonstrated a true full-duplex IO (TFD-IO) for high-speed high-density interfaces. The proposed TFD-IO can be used as an independent module that converts a unidirectional IO/interconnect to a fully bidirectional IO/interconnect, to ideally double the throughput of the high-speed interface. The TFD-IO uses a correlation-based technique to cancel the self-interference (SI) and echoes adaptively in the background. The signals transmitted from the near-end and the far-end can use independent baud nm CMOS technology, and demonstrated with bidirectional throughputs of up to 12.8 Gb/s.


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