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A Unified Theory of Radiations (Fields)

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posted on 2022-09-02, 19:28 authored by Wen GeyiWen Geyi

 A unified theory of fields (UTF) or radiations is explored in this article. The UTF unveils that an arbitrary static field (either scalar or vectorial, called an ontological field) in an inertial system (static system) will merge as two vector fields in an inertial system moving relative to the static system, which satisfy Maxwell-like equations. Therefore, the Maxwell equations are not only valid for describing the EM fields but also for any physical fields for which an ontological field exists. The UTF is based on the theory of special relativity and the Helmholtz theorem. In order to find how the vector field changes in different inertial systems, one only needs to examine how the curl and divergence of the vector field transform. As applications, the Maxwell equations for EM field and the Maxwell-like equations for the gravitational field are derived from the UTF, and the latter are also derived from the Einstein field equations in the theory of general relativity. Some universal laws of nature are shown to be derivable from the UTF.  


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