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A Wearable Wireless Magnetic Eye-Tracker, in-vitro and in-vivo tests

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posted on 2023-05-19, 19:59 authored by Giuseppe Bevilacqua, Valerio BiancalanaValerio Biancalana, Mario Carucci, Roberto Cecchi, Piero Chessa, Aniello Donniacuo, Marco Mandalà, Leonardo Stiaccini, francesca viberti

A wireless, wearable magnetic eye tracker is described and characterized. The proposed instrumentation enables simultaneous evaluation of eye and head angular displacements. Such a system can be used to determine the absolute gaze direction as well as to analyze spontaneous eye re-orientation in response to stimuli consisting in head rotations. The latter feature has implications to analyze the vestibulo-ocular reflex and constitutes an interesting opportunity to develop medical (oto-neurological) diagnostics. Details of data analysis are reported together with some results obtained in-vivo or with simple mechanical simulators that enable measurements under controlled  conditions. 


national ministry of research and university, ordinary funding


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