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A new 6D discrete system and its Arduino Uno implementation with LED visualization

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posted on 2022-07-19, 02:42 authored by Michael KoppMichael Kopp

In this paper, to demonstrate the chaotic behavior of a new 6D discrete system, the modern Matlab-Simulink software environment was used. We have obtained a discrete 6D chaotic system by the Euler method from a continuous 6D system of dynamic equations. In the Matlab-Simulink environment, models for continuous and discrete 6D systems of equations were created, and the results were identical. To demonstrate the synchronization of two unidirectional connected continuous and discrete 6D systems, Simulink models were proposed.  A discrete 6D system was applied for the chaotic masking of a narrow-band harmonic signal and image encryption. 

For visualizing and practical realization of the new chaotic discrete system we used Arduino Uno board and six light-emitting diodes (LEDs). 

The programming code and connecting technique are also shown. The program code was debugged into the free Arduino simulation environment such as Tinkercad. Compiling hex. file in the program software Arduino IDE allows us to simulate a 6D chaotic system using the Arduino Uno microcontroller in the Proteus 8 environment. 


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