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A new approach based on principal ERPs and LDA to improve P300 mind spellers

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posted on 06.12.2021, 20:48 by Ali MobaienAli Mobaien, Negar Kheirandish, Reza Boostani
Abstract—Visual P300 mind speller is a brain-computer interface that allows an individual to type through his mind. For this goal, the subject sits in front of a screen full of characters, and when his desired one is highlighted, there will be a P300 response (a positive deflection nearly 300ms after stimulus) in his brain signals. Due to the very low signal-to noise (SNR) of the P300 in the background activities of the brain, detection of this component is challenging. Principal ERP reduction (pERP-RED) is a newly developed method that can effectively extract the underlying templates of event-related potentials (ERPs), by employing a three-step spatial filtering procedure. In this research, we investigate the performance of pERP-RED in conjunction with linear discriminant analysis (LDA) to classify P300 data. The proposed method is examined on a real P300 dataset and compared to the state-of-the-art LDA and support vector machines. The results demonstrate that the proposed method achieves higher classification accuracy in low SNRs and low numbers of training data.


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