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A piezoelectric flexible insole system for gait monitoring for the Internet of Health Things

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posted on 2020-03-21, 10:04 authored by Junliang Chen, Yanning DaiYanning Dai, Shuo GaoShuo Gao
Gait is closely associated with many chronic diseases. With the development of the Internet of Health Things (IoHT), long-term gait monitoring and corresponding analysis can be performed remotely, reducing a patient’s time and traffic cost, while providing doctors more valuable gait information. The presented work provides a feasible means for real-time, long-term, and accurate gait monitoring in an IoHT scenario. Through the experimental results, the high detection sensitivity of 54 mN and responsivity of 163 mV/N are achieved, thereby satisfying the need for analyzing various diseases. Furthermore, 16 hours continuous working time indicates its successful utilization during long-term gait monitoring.


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