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Aestheticization of Ultrasound Images

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posted on 2021-08-31, 22:58 authored by Prasanta PalPrasanta Pal, David R. Vago, Amardip Ghosh, Judson Brewer

Ultrasound imaging is one of the most versatile imaging method in order to observe inner workings of human- body. Due to its simplicity, cost-effectiveness, easy availability and portability, a diverse set of applications are influenced by this very popular imaging modality. Despite its popularity as one of the most widely used imaging techniques, it has some serious limitations including lack of image clarity as well as complete absence of any visual aesthetics. Although, commonplace data filters can potentially make ultrasound images smoother looking, however, there is a significant loss of information introduced by the smoothing filters. In this article, we developed a method to enhance the image clarity as well as a protocol for enhancing image aesthetics for ultrasound modality using modern data-curation tool SOCKS. We performed few case studies using various color schemas applied on a publicly available fetal ultrasound image. The outlined technique can be easily generalized to any other kind of ultrasound images. We hypothesize that, our method would not only provide us with enhanced scientific accuracy, visual clarity of ultrasound images but also add additional layers of visual clarity coupled with artistic and aesthetic values. Our method calls for an complete rethinking of how we present ultrasound images


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