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Aggregated Massive Modular Paradigm: A 6G Telecom Infrastructure Vision

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posted on 2020-09-10, 08:12 authored by Laurent PETITLaurent PETIT, Jean-Baptiste DORE, Eric MERCIER, Claude BROCHETON, Julien LEGRAND, Dimitri KTENAS

Our novel disruptive deployment strategy focuses on using cost-efficient modules along with aggregated connectivity that target 6G data throughput and capacity requirement. From our perspective it would be a great benefit to operators and users. Cost effectiveness will be met through integration and volume. Indeed, cost efficiency would be derived from mass-market of sub-6GHz devices (already mainly COTS) and later toward mmW such as 5G-FR2 and near-THz. Our shared vision provides a great perspective for ubiquitous modularity and pervasive networks which are clear and challenging objectives of 6G roadmaps.

Authors propose a vision and are grateful for open discussions.


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