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AlInGaAs MQW laser layerstacks for the InP generic integration platform

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posted on 2022-12-16, 23:03 authored by Francisco J. Diaz-OteroFrancisco J. Diaz-Otero, Marcin Zyskowski, Steven E. F. Kleijn, Luc Augustin

We designed a series of AlInGaAs MQW laser layerstacks in order to investigate the influence of various design parameters (such as amount of quantum wells, doping strategy, SCH profile) on the laser performance. The stacks are experimentally evaluated by fabricating and testing Broad Area Lasers. Their design is optimized for automated measurement and rapid prototyping allowing for collecting large amounts of data. This enables statistically significant comparison between various Al-based layerstacks and with an InGaAsP reference layerstack (currently used in Smart Photonics generic platform), making the comparisons more reliable than in the existing literature.


MSCA-ITN-EID-2018 EDIFY ( 813467)


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