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All-optical phase memory circuit based on two coupled lasers and external optical injection

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posted on 2022-06-07, 20:01 authored by Tuomo von LerberTuomo von Lerber, Vladimir Lyubopytov, Lauri Ylinen, Matti Lassas, Franko Küppers

Our Paper describes a novel all-optical memory intended for optical computing applications and capable of integrated implementation. The memory circuit is based on a pair of mutually coupled, injection-locked lasers. The memory is static and volatile, i.e., it does not require refresh, and its state can be changed at will, respectively. We aim for a solution that can be fabricated with standard integrated optical technologies.

We prove mathematically that the interconnected laser system has steady states that quantify and retain phase information under suitable conditions. We show numerically that despite simplifications of the mathematical analysis, also rate-equation-based models confirm the essential findings.

We believe the proposed memory is unique in storing phase information in an all-optical setting. In the Paper, we provide a comprehensive review of existing optical memory approaches and argue some of the benefits of our approach. Naturally, the perceived benefit must always be reflected against the intended use. Our primary aims are in-situ optical computing or datacom applications.


Centre of Excellence in Inverse Problems Research

Academy of Finland

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