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An Ultraviolet C-Band LED device for disinfection of air, articles, and indoor environment

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posted on 2021-11-02, 14:02 authored by Anwesh SahuAnwesh Sahu

Background: Commonly used items like wallets, keys, and phones are both tricky and impractical to disinfect from the dangers of harmful microbes. This study demonstrates the efficacy of UVC-LED technology in creating an efficient, useful, and practical solution.

Methods: As a demonstration of the efficacy of the UVC-LED light (275 nm), a panel of UVC LEDs was fabricated and was driven with a constant current electronic driver. Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli were placed on Petri dishes, and placed 38 cm away from the UVC-LED panel. UVC flux measured at the petri dishes was 0.093 mW/cm2 . The method involved exposing both the bacteria to UVC treatment for 4 and 8 minutes. For each petri dish, the number of colony forming units were compared before and after the treatment and compared to the control.

Results: A significant reduction in colony forming unit (cfu) counts was found in all samples for both sets of bacteria: 97.9% in the 4 minutes treat- ment(22.3 mJ/cm2), and 99.9% in the 8 minutes treatment(44.6 mJ/cm2).

Conclusion: UVC-LED technology offers an effective, simple and inexpensive approach for disinfection.


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