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Analysis of First-Order Gratings in Silicon Photonic Waveguides

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posted on 2022-07-05, 22:34 authored by Gary EvansGary Evans

A simple thin film effective index analysis for first-order gratings in Si photonic waveguides is shown to provide highly accurate results for reflected and transmitted power spectrums as long as the waveguide remains single mode and non-radiating. A cover layer can be added to the grating region of a Si photonic waveguide to increase the strength of the grating, modify transition losses from the input waveguide to the grating waveguide region, and/or modify the width of the reflectivity spectrum. For a given grating period, the peak reflection and spectral width of the reflectivity decrease as the duty cycle is decreased or increased from ~50%.  For both radiating and multimode structures, the coupling between all modes, power radiated towards the superstrate (upwards), power radiated downwards (substrate) and transmitted power analyzed by Floquet-Bloch, Eigenmode Expansion and Finite Difference Time Domain methods show excellent agreement. Coupling coefficients calculated using analytic formulas are shown to be accurate only for shallow grating depths.


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