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Analysis of the Movement of ICD Leads During Cardiac Contraction as Determinant of Intracardiac Impedance

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posted on 2021-01-13, 05:53 authored by Jens KirchnerJens Kirchner, Martin Arnold, Georg FischerGeorg Fischer
Intracardiac impedance (ICI) has been proposed as an indicator of cardiac status in heart failure patients. We introduce a biophysical model of the measurement setup and apply it to the movement of ICD leads reconstructed from clinical-routine X-ray recordings in a study population of 12 patients. Tilting of the right ventricular lead is found to be a major determinant of ICI changes during cardiac contraction with a mean contribution of 42±23%. The relative position between right and left ventricular lead is the second major contributor (40±22%). However, the contributions of the components of movement strongly differ between the patients. The proposed method provides means for a better interpretation of ICI measurements and for an improvement of its performance for monitoring heart failure status.


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