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Angle Basis: a Generative Model and Decomposition for Functional Connectivity

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posted on 2023-05-22, 20:16 authored by Anton OrlichenkoAnton Orlichenko, Gang Qu, Ziyu Zhou, Zhengming Ding, Yu-Ping Wang

In this paper we present a new decomposition and generative model for functional connectivity (FC), achieve 10x data compression, 97.3% identifiability, and modest improvent on FC-based predictive tasks. Additionally we are able to generate synthetic subjects with user-inputted clinical characteristics.

fMRI and phenotype data came from the Neurodevelopmental Genomics: Trajectories of Complex Phenotypes database of genotypes and phenotypes repository, dbGaP Study Accession ID phs000607.v3.p2, as well as the Bipolar and Schizophrenia Network for Intermediate Phenotypes study ( 

Additional data from OpenNeuro study ds004144 on fibromyalgia is included in the linked-to code.


The authors would like acknowledge the NIH (grants R01 GM109068, R01 MH104680, R01MH107354, P20 GM103472, R01 REB020407, R01 EB006841, R56 MH124925) and NSF(#1539067) for partial funding support


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