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Assisted annotation in Deep LOGISMOS: Combining deep learning and graph optimization for simultaneous multi-compartment 3D segmentation of calf muscles on MRI

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posted on 2021-08-16, 13:45 authored by Lichun ZhangLichun Zhang, Zhihui Guo, Honghai Zhang, Ellen van der Plas, Timothy R. Koscik, Peggy Nopoulos, Milan Sonka
175 MR images of 350 lower legs from 93 subjects (47 healthy, 35 DM1, 6 Pre-DM1, 5 JDM). MR image size was 512×512×30, voxel size 0.7×0.7×7 mm, acquisition used the first echo of a 3 point Dixon gradient echo sequence, TR = 150 ms, TE=3.5 ms, FOV=36 cm, bandwidth 224 Hz/pixel, scan time 156s.

Human subject research approved by the University of Iowa IRB as part of NIH project R01-NS094387.


NIH grant R01-EB004640

NIH grant R01-NS094387

NIH grant S10-OD025025


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