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Astrocytes induce desynchronizing effects in neuron-astrocyte networks cultured on microelectrode arrays

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posted on 2023-04-28, 20:14 authored by Barbara GenocchiBarbara Genocchi, Annika Ahtiainen, Annika Niemi, Michael BarrosMichael Barros, Jarno Tanskanen, Kerstin Lenk, Jari Hyttinen, Narayan Subramaniyam

In this work, we aim to study how astrocytes control electrophysiological activity during network formation. Here we use a combination of spike/burst analysis and complex analysis of the raw neuronal signals to assess the role of astrocytes on microelectrode arrays (MEA). We cultured rat primary cortical neurons and astrocytes on 60-electrode MEAs with different neuron/astrocyte ratios ranging from “pure” neuronal cultures (NS) without separately added astrocytes to co-cultures containing 50% neurons and 50% astrocytes. We analyzed the spike and burst rates, as well as the complexity-entropy causality planes of the signals to deeply study the patterning of the neuronal signals.

Moreover, we classified the spike waveforms from the NS and the co-cultures based on their signal properties. 

The dataset used can be found at:


Pirkanmaa Regional Fund - Finnish Cultural Foundation.

Hybrid Enhanced Regenerative Medicine Systems

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