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Auto-mobile Search Engine

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posted on 2021-12-28, 17:58 authored by mariam hameedmariam hameed, Raja Shahbaz, Javed Iqbal
The majority of people are looking for vehicles. To find their desired vehicle, people search on the most popular websites. The sellers post their ads on multiple sites to reach out to a larger audience. This means buyers have to find their desired vehicle on multiple sites to compare the prices because buyers always look for lower prices. This search needs to visit and find ads on multiple vehicle entertaining websites, which requires much time. In this paper, we are proposing a unique “Automobile Search Engine” (ASE) which grabs all the automobile ads posted on different websites. Our solution will give a single search for automobile ads. The user can get all the ads based on his/her search criteria. ASE will find all the ads for different websites and will display the results. The user can then compare the searched ads on one single view. ASE supported Multi Thread Crawler.


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