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Automated Waste Segregation using Convolution Neural Network

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posted on 2021-07-14, 13:11 authored by Anagha RavishankarAnagha Ravishankar, Anvita MurthyAnvita Murthy, Manas SharmaManas Sharma, R K ChitraR K Chitra

The key to efficient waste management is to ensure segregation of waste and resource recovery. Waste is usually segregated on the basis of whether it is biodegradable or non biodegradable. A major challenge with respect to this is that waste is not segregated before collection and is thrown into dustbins nonetheless. These end up as huge piles of waste in dump yards, which needs to be segregated. Waste segregation is currently being done manually by the Municipal Corporation. These results in unsanitary working conditions for the people who need to perform this task. Despite being provided with the necessary equipment, they run the risk of catching infections from the waste they work with. Automation of this process will be beneficial for the people who work on this, by reducing health hazards.


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