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Automation of Door Opening & Closing

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posted on 2021-06-04, 20:54 authored by Vitthal SuravaseVitthal Suravase, Vaibhav Shinde, Darshan Shirsat, Sahil S. Diwate, S. N. Palhe

In the current pandemic situation is arisen due to COVID-19, So every human has required to take precaution like wear mass, keep distancing, sanitizing hand, don't touch anything if not which not necessary. But something is like Table, door, vehicles etc. we touch so there is chance of spreading disease. In college and Offices, the peoples are meet so there are chances spreading disease due to the touching of door or any other thing on which germs are present. The project is based on automation, in which we will making an automatic opening and closing of door mechanism (home/college door). In which the door is open when the sensor on the door cut then mechanism is operated and open the door and after close automatically. So, there is no physical touch of human with door, hence it will help to prevent or reduce the spreading of pandemic disease COVID-19. Our project is based on Ultrasonic Sensor and Arduino, in which door is automatically opens and closes by detecting a person. As soon as a person approaches the door (at about 2 or 3 feet), the door automatically turned open and after some time (about 5 to 10 seconds), the door closes by turning in the reverse direction. Such Automatic Door Opening and closing systems are very useful as you do not need a person to standby the door and open it whenever a guest comes. Also, since the doors are opened and closed only when a person approaches the door, there is significantly less loss of air conditioning.


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