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Auxiliary Informatics System: An Advancement Towards A Smart Home Environment

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posted on 2022-04-21, 20:04 authored by Ishu GuptaIshu Gupta, Preetesh K. Yadav, Sourav Pareek, Saif Shakeel, Ashutosh Kumar Singh
he main problem that we face today is not about getting services, but how efficiently we manage them. We are living in an era where we cannot neglect the fact that we are now depending on various electronic devices which we use daily in our life. These devices have become an inseparable part of our life, in the present scenario technology is evolving so rapidly that it's a fact if we do not accept any upcoming trend then we lag behind in the eye of others. Managing all these devices and remembering to tune them is quite a hectic task, as we have to do other main tasks too. Using every device efficiently at the same time is not possible. Hence, we came up with a solution, with a system that will manage all these devices according to predefined rules or instructions. Current smart home systems work in a way, to establish a connection between nodes and a hub and are controlled by smartphones, computers, remote, etc. In this research paper, we have proposed a model that will not only establish a connection but will work smartly according to instructions and algorithms saved earlier. This Auxiliary Informatics System (AuxIS) will serve the requirement of managing all the devices in a parallel fashion with very little human intervention and hence, will make a smarter home environment.


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