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Beam Pattern Optimization Method for Subarray-based Hybrid Beamforming Systems

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posted on 2020-07-10, 15:48 authored by Joerg EisenbeisJoerg Eisenbeis, Jonas Pfaff, Christian Karg, Jerzy Kowalewski, Yueheng Li, Mario Pauli, Thomas Zwick
Subarray-based hybrid beamforming (SBHB) systems represent an efficient architectural solution to realize massive multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) systems. Thereby, the beamforming is no longer realized exclusively in the digital domain, but in coordination with an analog beamforming network by connecting each digital channel to a dedicated number of antenna elements via phase shifters. Most channel estimation and beamforming algorithms for SBHB systems are based on beam steering approaches, demanding a precise calibration of the analog beamforming network. In this letter, the SBHB system is calibrated by over-the-air (OTA) scattering parameter measurements and two criteria to optimize the beam pattern are formulated exploiting the ambiguities of the phase shifters. Both optimization criteria are evaluated using a designed SBHB receiver system operating at 27.8 GHz.


TowARds Advanced bicmos NanoTechnology platforms for rf and thz applicatiOns

European Commission

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Collaborative project: Electronic systems for next-generation radar and communication solutions - TARANTO subproject: Hybrid MIMO beamforming for high-data-rate radio communication systems

Federal Ministry of Education and Research

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