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Beamforming Network Design Utilizing Node Microstrip Architectures for Dual-Polarized Endfire Millimeter-Wave Antenna Arrays

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posted on 2023-01-09, 16:03 authored by Shiwen TangShiwen Tang, Yujie Zhang, Junhui RaoJunhui Rao, Zixiang Han, Chi-Yuk CHIUChi-Yuk CHIU, Ross MurchRoss Murch

A node microstrip architecture is proposed for designing a compact Butler Matrix (BM) that is integrated with a dual-polarized endfire antenna array. The node microstrip architecture can be used to form a variety of compact 2*2 port networks including, but not limited to, couplers and crossovers. The optimized compact BM is potentially suitable for use in 5G wireless communication handsets.


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