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Block-Sparse Recovery with Optimal Block Partition

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posted on 29.11.2021, 04:21 by Hiroki KurodaHiroki Kuroda, Daichi KitaharaDaichi Kitahara
This paper presents a convex recovery method for block-sparse signals whose block partitions are unknown a priori. We first introduce a nonconvex penalty function, where the block partition is adapted for the signal of interest by minimizing the mixed l2/l1 norm over all possible block partitions. Then, by exploiting a variational representation of the l2 norm, we derive the proposed penalty function as a suitable convex relaxation of the nonconvex one. For a block-sparse recovery model designed with the proposed penalty, we develop an iterative algorithm which is guaranteed to converge to a globally optimal solution. Numerical experiments demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed method.


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