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Blockchain and Technologies Matching with the Case of Study of Vegetables Production

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posted on 2020-09-03, 21:52 authored by Alessandro MassaroAlessandro Massaro
Alessandro Massaro: Professor Alessandro Massaro (ING/INF/01, FIS/01,FIS/03) carried out scientific research
at the Polytechnic University of Marche, at CNR, and at Italian Institute of Technology (IIT) as Team Leader by activating laboratories for nanocomposite sensors for
industrial robotics. He is in MIUR register as scientific expert in competitive Industrial Research and social
development, and he is currently head of the Research and Development section and scientific director of MIUR Research Institute Dyrecta Lab Srl. Member of the International Scientific Committee of Measurers IMEKO and IEEE Senior member, recently received an award from the National Council of Engineers as Best Engineer of Italy 2018 (Top Young Engineer 2018).


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